Introduction - B.B. Group of Companies



 Our Mission/Vision:


To become world leading company in wide market domain, to bring cutting edge technologies to the worldwide marketplace


- Mr. B.B. Aggarwal, Chairman, B.B. Group of Companies, India.







Our History:


Mr. B.B. Aggarwal is chairperson for "B.B. Group of Companies". The group has started it's journey since 1949. The group holds companies serving in several business domain like Cement Sheets, Steel business, wood panels, Eletro/optical products, consumer/cosmetics etc. The group overall turnover is several Million's USD turnover with strong growth on YoY basis. The company is continously investing on it's infrastructurer, R&D & it's workforce. The group also holds foreign subsidiery companies in Europe & Asia as well.


Apart from the business prospective, We also actively take part in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). our group companies spent reasonable percent of total revenue gained in social activities.